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10 Tips for Generating Buyer Interest

10 Tips for Generating Buyer Interest

Distraught Boston real estate sellers who need to generate more interest in a home that has been languishing on the market for months should consider these 10 steps from MSNBC financial guru, Laura T. Coffey:

1. Can the clutter. Pack up knickknacks, picutres, piles of paper and furniture that makes the place look crowded.

2. Let the light in. Take down any heavy drapes and wash windows.

3. Scrub-a-dub-dub. Shampoo soiled carpets, scrub the front door, repaint scuffed walls and tidy up the lawn. Bathrooms should sparkle.

4. Get moving on the "honey do" list. Fix everything that is in need of repair.

5. Enhance the view. Erect a fence or plant shrubbery to improve or obscure the view of unattractive nearby properties or streets.

6. Try weeknights. Holding an open house on Wednesday may attract a different crowd.

7. Ask for criticism. Consult with buyers' agents for their feedback.

8. Rent to own. Give a potential buyer a little credit. Becoming a landlord may keep you from having to shoulder two mortgages.

9. Drop the asking price. And figure out the lowest amount you're willing or able to accept.

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