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2012: Real Estate Makes a Comeback

2012: Real Estate Makes a Comeback

Often times you will hear people still talking about the economy and how it's still not in the place it should be, or that it's ever so gradually making a positive turn. Well it should please you to know that for the eleventh month in a row, the Boston Real Estate market has been on a steady upswing in comparison to the results of 2011. Perhaps it was because the temperatures this year were much more conducive to putting people in the mood to buy homes. After all, the Spring weather is usually the time when real estate experiences its busy season, so it only makes sense that without the typical Boston Winter frigidity, people were eeling more positive in general.

The Massachusetts Association of Realtors states that in March, the number of single-family homes put under agreement was increased by 38.8 percent from 2011. Though these homes were  pending sales (not yet completed sales) and only under agreement, they are still considered essential to this evaluation. The association feels that pending sales are a more accurate real-time assessment of where the  local market  might be trending.

To precisely demonstrate the effect of completed closing sales, February is the most recent month in which data can be compiled. This past February in Massachusetts, the sales of single family homes rose 33 percent, making it the most record breaking February in the past five years. This is the necessary proof that substantiates the claim that the market is in fact heading in a positive direction.

With each passing month, the market continues to trend upward. The demand for homes is increasing and people are ready and eager to buy. If you are presently involved in the real estate business, you are going to want to be extra focused on this upswing so you don't miss out on taking advantage of this long awaited trend.

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