Adding a Natural Pool to Your Home

Adding a Natural Pool to Your Home

The weather is starting to warm up (or at least it's suppose to be) now that we are in the midst of Spring. Naturally this means you will be thinking about Summer soon and all of the exciting things that can be done during the hot sun filled months. One of the most alluring aspects of Summer is swimming. weather you like going to swimming pools or prefer taking a trip to the beach, it's a surefire way to cool down and chill out.

Many people think that having a swimming pool in their back yard is the absolute cat's pajamas, but has it ever crossed your mind to add a natural pool to your home? Here are a few reasons why a natural pool is the bees knees of pool alternatives.

So what in the world  IS a natural pool? Some new age thing that Hybrid driving suburbanites are doing? Well, maybe! Just kidding. I don't really know if that's true.  A natural  pool is one that doesn't rely on a significant amount of manufactured materials and chemical additives.  These pools have been around since the 1980's and it's no surprise that that they first showed up in Europe. It always seems like the American's show up late to the party.

A traditional pool contains plenty of unnecessary chemicals and is filled hazardous warnings. Just because chlorine kills just about everything short of the swimmer doesn't mean there aren't better alternatives out there. These natural pools focus on getting back to nature by using gravel stone, clay , and plants to create a more naturally pleasant atmosphere that works to filter itself. If you opt to go this rout, you can create your very own for roughly $2,000 as oppose to a traditional pool which can run you at least five times that, not to mention the upkeep and maintenance.

Even though it's called a 'Natural Pool"  doesn't mean you'll be paddling around in mud, channeling your inner nonconformist and batting away  irritating mosquitos.  If you keep your the water moving by installing a pump or a bubbler, your plants will be tickled pink with the extra oxygen and the water will never become stagnant. In the Summer months you surprisingly  won't have to worry about the mosquitos since they don't breed in moving water.

Don't be scared of the  natural wildlife that accompanies natural pools. They work hard to perpetuate the survival of the fittest and keep your pool free of the unwanted insects.  You'll have a beautiful and unique pool/water garden, which is a lovely addition to any home. If you choose to make the pool even more exquisite, you can add a surrounding garden to incorporate more wildlife, or keep it simple by sticking with a more traditional looking natural pool. If you want to go all out and make this a big project, leave it up to the pros like Aquaviva or BioNova, but be willing to shell out much more than you would if you put in the work yourself. If you're up for the challenge, reap the benefits of your hard earned labor by creating your very own natural pool.

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