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Boston ranks 11th on EPA list of energy-efficient buildings

Boston ranks 11th on EPA list of energy-efficient buildings

Boston ranks 11th among U.S. cities with the most buildings rated as "highly energy efficient" by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under its Energy Star program.

Boston had 79 Energy Star-qualified buildings boasting roughly 25 million square feet of space as of 2008, EPA said. Those facilities have resulted in roughly $34.5 million in energy-cost savings, the equivalent to the electricity used by 13,600 households.

Los Angeles ranked first on the Energy Star list with 262 qualified buildings and $87.2 million in energy cost savings. The EPA's list of the top 10 Energy Star cities was rounded out by San Francisco, Houston, Washington, D.C., Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis-St Paul, Atlanta and Seattle.

"Energy Star buildings typically use 35 percent less energy and emit 35 percent less greenhouse gases than average buildings,” EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said in a statement. “EPA commends all of these cities and all of the others, as well as countless individuals, who are now using more energy efficient appliances and dwellings. They are saving energy, saving money and protecting our environment.”

There are 6,200 Energy Star rated buildings nationwide, with 3,300 of them built in 2008. EPA says the buildings collectively save $1.7 billion on energy costs versus conventional buildings and prevent greenhouse-gas emissions equivalent of those of 2 million cars a year.

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