Betsy Wagner

Bushari Group Welcomes Betsy Wagner

Bushari Group Welcomes Betsy Wagner

Bushari Group Real Estate is very excited to welcome Betsy Wagner to our growing team!

Betsy Wagner is a true leader in real estate customer service and satisfaction.  Representing buyers, sellers, renters and landlords throughout the Boston region, she has an extensive knowledge-base and an incredibly strong history of standing ground for her clients.  Having attained ideal purchase and sale prices for everyone she has worked with, Betsy proves her dedication to her clients through results, and in her continued relationships, repeat business and strong referral base.

In an effort to constantly improve her customer service, Betsy is teaming up with fantastic Bushari agent, Jen Pearson.  Together, they are taking the real estate team concept to a new level.  By joining as a team, Betsy and Jen will be able to provide an even higher level of service, therefore increasing productivity and their client's overall satisfaction.  After having seen success in the past on her own, Betsy is thrilled to integrate the team concept into her business and to provide the highest level of service possible in the industry.

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