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Developer Unveils Renderings of "Allston Green" Project - 348 New Units in Central Allston

Developer Unveils Renderings of

This week, developers LBC Boston, unveiled artist renderings of their $140 million mixed-use "Allston Green" development. The two-acre project will feature 348 housing units and 34,000 square-feet of open space.

Allston Green, still under review by the Boston Planning & Development Agency, was formerly known as NOVA Allston. The project is located in central Allston at 20 Linden Street.


Developers are operating under Boston's "compact living" project guidelines, which allow the apartments to be built at 600 square feet, rather than 1,000 foot, two-bedroom residences.


The ground floor of the three buildings will house a gallery, retail and artist co-working space, in addition to apartment amenities yet to be unveiled. More than 20,000 square-feet of open space will be accessible to the public, including space for farmers' markets and a screening area.


Building A, located on the corner of Linden and Cambridge Streets, will be 7 stories and will provide 172 residential apartments. Building B, located on Linden Street, will be 7 stories and will provide approximately 109 residential apartments. Building C, located on Pratt Street, will be 4 stories, with the fourth story setback from the sidewalk of Pratt Street, and will provide 69 condominium units.

The proposed project will be a mix of studio, one-bedroom, one-bedroom plus den, and two-bedroom units.


“We have been a part of the Allston community for over 20 years and we wanted to build something that would strengthen the neighborhood feel of Allston,” said Margarita Kvacheva, LBC Boston senior vice president with LBC Boston.

Allston Green is meant to provide a new product type that bridges the gap between luxury and affordable housing, creating a middle-market solution.”


Allston Green is expected to be completed by 2024 following approval from the Boston Planning & Development Agency.

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