Use Feng Shui to Help You Find a Home

Use Feng Shui to Help You Find a Home

If you hear Feng Shui and the  first thing that comes to mind is that it's pointless Chinese practice to make you over think where you put your furniture, I would have to suggest that you keep an open mind! Not only can Feng Shui help you determine a better arrangement for the placement of objects in your home, it can also help you decide which home would be best suited for you.

The focus of Feng Shui is to increase the amount of positive energy in your home and its surroundings. This means that the location of your home should also be considered. You want the street you will be living on to be well kept, no sharp structures (manmade or otherwise) pointing towards your home, the lawn should be well manicured, and no garbage bins next to any windows or doors. Your home should be inviting and considered your sanctuary.

When observing the rules of Feng Shui, take into account that you do not want  negative energy to easily flow throughout your home. This means you need to take into consideration the placement windows and doors. Both windows and doors should not be placed directly across from each other. When openings are placed directly across from each other they can allow positive energy to flow on a good day, and negative energy flow similarly, which can have an equally if not greater impact. It is believed that the negative energy can implant itself within the home and create damaging repercussions. You also want to make sure that your windows take in plenty of natural sunlight. Homes with ample windows are essential, but they must still abide by their placement ruling. If you do choose a home with directly aligned doors/windows, try placing a round table in between them to redirect the energy. Going a step further by adding a vase with flowers will also help ameliorate the situation.

Staircases can cause disturbing energy if placed in the center of a home or if they are directly facing your front door. It is believed that it is best to avoid spiral shaped winding staircases, in addition to those accompanied by metal railings. If you select a home with one of these staircases,  add artwork to the walls and be sure to use strong frames.

If your home seems to disregard most feng shui rules, you can always supply it with a change of color. Depending on the type of energy you need to bring to your home, chose a color that reflects the necessary element(s) required in order to do so. If you wish to bring high energy and passion to your home, you will want to consider fiery colors. If you prefer nourishment and stability, choose an Earth element color like a softer light yellow. If you need a more calming environment, choose water colors like blue and black, and try including more mirrors and fountains. If you fancy health and exuberance, the staple of this home will be wood, and your colors would be brown and green. If clarity and precision are what you need, incorporate grey and white and include use of metal.

Even thought the home you have or the home you are looking for may not abide by all the feng shui rules, you can still make changes to create a more welcoming environment and flow of positive energy. It's not just about what you're given, but what you do with it. For more information about how to use feng shui to help you find your next home, contact Bushari's own expert, Eric Tam.






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