Finding a Boston Loft

Finding a Boston Loft

Lofts have become the new "it" word in the Boston Luxury Real Estate Market. The old industrial neighborhoods of Boston's Seaport District and Leather District have seen a rebirth as residential neighborhoods in recent years. The Seaport District and Leather District are both walking distance from Boston's downtown financial hub, and with the strong job growth Boston has seen recently in its already booming financial sector, it's no wonder everyone seems to want a Boston Loft. Savy developers have retained the industrial feel of buildings such as 210 South Street Lofts, the FP3 Lofts and 111 Beach Street Lofts, all without sacrificing modern luxury.

The West Broadway T area of South Boston is also booming with Luxury Lofts. Classic buildings such as The Court Square Press and 36 A Street Lofts have been tastefully renovated, while new loft buildings such as Allele and The Macallen Building mix ultra-modern design with wide-open floor plans.

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