Guess What's Coming to the South End?!

Guess What's Coming to the South End?!

Wanna know what's coming to the South End? It's only one of my personal favorite places in the world, you guys. I'll give you a hint. They have LOTS of  delicious organic food. They will give you free samples if you ask politely and usually you can find said samples strewn about on Saturday's anyway. They SHOULD be open 24 hours a day for people like me who pretend these kinds of places are FAO Schwartz for adults.

Let me know if you've run out of guesses.

The answer is: WHOLE FOODS!!! This flagship emporium of magnificence will be built on Harrison Ave. According to the Boston Business Journal the building is scheduled to commence early 2013 and grace us with its presence in 2016. I know it seems like a bit of a ways away, but good things come to those who wait. Well, usually anyway.

Here's what's going to be special about this particular branch. It's going to have an outdoor sidewalk cafe with seating, a wine store, and gelato bar, similar to that of some of the West Coast stores. This will be a fully stacked grocery store, people.  It's going to be  the first full sized grocery store for the South End so this is kind of a big deal.

This new arrival is planning to be set up at One Herald Square, the former location of the Boston Herald. Whole Foods has been pining over this location for just about a year now. The National Development has decided to name the new project "Ink Block" and is simultaneously working on a separate Chinatown high-rise construction of luxury apartments named the Kensington. Whole Foods will be a huge retailer of  combined real-estate fusing both commercial and residential developments, and will be overwhelmingly impressive. the 500,000 square foot project will be vast and improve the overall area, especially for pedestrians, with wide sidewalks and revamped landscaping of Harrison Ave. This whole reconstruction is going to increase the entire hotness factor of the South End, and what's not to love about that?

Says Mayor Thomas Menino of the new upcoming development, " This is a huge milestone for the neighborhood, and I am proud to welcome Whole Foods to the South End. The city of Boston has been actively working to attract a quality grocery store to this area so that we can continue to offer more and more options for fresh, healthy, and delicious food in all of our neighborhoods." I project that maybe one day in the distant future, the amount of Whole Foods locations will outnumber Starbucks'. I like to dream big.


Rendering of Ink Block project. Courtesy of National Development


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