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Homeowners Getting Greener

Homeowners Getting Greener

As homeowners become more knowledgeable about environmentally friendly practices, they are more willing to invest in their homes to make them more energy efficient. According to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate “Living Green” Consumer Survey, nearly half (48 percent) of homeowners said they would be willing to spend $2,500 or more to make green improvements to appeal to potential buyers, and one in three homeowners said they’d be willing to spend $5,000 or more on improvements.

Most important for agents, more than half of those surveyed (51 percent) believe it’s important to work with a green certified real estate agent — someone who can help them identify and market eco-friendly properties. This would include knowledge of housing materials and construction, energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems and the impact of landscaping on a home’s environmental footprint.

The survey also finds that cost is the greatest deterrent to going green, cited by 36 percent of respondents. Other factors that prevented homeowners from being greener included:

-- Convenience – 22 percent
-- Lack of knowledge about implementation – 18 percent
-- Lack of time – 17 percent

However, many homeowners reported that they engaged in some eco-friendly activities in the past six months, including:

-- Recycling – 73 percent
-- Replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) – 69 percent
-- Conserving water – 57 percent
-- Adjusting the thermostat – 51 percent
-- Purchasing energy-efficient appliances – 30 percent

We saw this trend a long time ago in the Boston Real Estate market, green buildings like The MacAllen Building were built in the past 3 years.

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