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Housing Values Stand to Appreciate

Housing Values Stand to Appreciate

As in the fashion for a new year, we start with plenty of plans and resolutions to look forward to. One valuable thing homeowners can count on this year is that their houses stand to appreciate, or gain value.

According to Realtor Magazine, Midwestern states are seeing the largest push forward because of rising farm prices. So what does that mean for Western Massachusetts farms? Well, if they follow the trajectory of the rest of the state, they too stand to gain significant amounts of appreciation. Metro Boston is also seeing one of the best financial recoveries in market gains from the past few years. The month of November was the latest month to report gains during the streak that began earlier this year.

When one part of the market goes up, many others will follow. More qualifying buyers buy up idling supply. The supply of available homes dwindle, so the prices come up do to scarcity. Home values shortly follow if the trend remains steady.

If you're thinking about buying a home, now is the perfect time to start. Kick off your new year with the ultimate resolution: home ownership!

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