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How to Show Your Home in a Few Easy Steps

How to Show Your Home in a Few Easy Steps

Possibly one of the most time-consuming aspects of selling your home is getting it ready for potential buyers. To be owners need to see the full space of the closet and just how big the garage really is. Then there's the threat that a messy or a very "lived-in" home will turn away potential buyers. Here's a few tips to prep up your home-even in the height of holiday season.

Clear out temporary clutter

You know the kind: bills that pile high, children's old homework, last Sunday's newspaper, and the sweater you wore last night you were too tired to hang up. This simple step of organizing items the moment you bring them into the house will go a long way to clear up living spaces and help keep up the appearance of clean home should you not sell your home after the first showing. Plus, this step has been known to help individuals reduce stress in their day-to-day life once they can finally find where they left their keys.

Detangle messy spots

If you can't walk into your closet, it needs cleaning. If can't find where the crock pot went in your kitchen, it needs organizing. These are tall-tell signs that these spots require a bit more attention than others. Be prepared to spend a lazy Sunday re-organizing your desk or shelves. It can make all the difference to a potential home buyer if they can see inside the closet or  look at how spacious the kitchen is.

Small steps go a long way

Don't feel as if this is a race to the finish line and rush to get the job done haphazardly. Like the previous step, identifying problem areas will help deal with the monumental task of shifting through years of history and droves of sentimental attachment. Give yourself time. Which also means, don't wait until the night before your first showing to start cleaning.

Make it a family affair

Getting other members of the household in on the action will not only help alleviate the pressure, but also keep up the look of a show-ready home in less amount of time. Phew, now if only we can get the kids to clean up their rooms.

Lastly, keep a list of what need to be done visible

Some realtors will have such a form to give you once you decide to sell your home. This visual reminder will also help you keep tract of the chores that need to be done. It's okay if potential buyers see this list; they know a family already lives in the home here. Plus, other members of the household can pitch in and help as long as the list can be easily found in the hallway, living room, or posted on the door of the refrigerator.

Hopefully, these tips can help you on your way to selling your home. If you're looking for realtors to help you with that and more, please contact us! We can help buy or sell your home with ease.


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