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Is Kendall Square the Latest Local Hotspot?

Is Kendall Square the Latest Local Hotspot?

After years of neglect from the industrial companies that moved in, it seems like the Kendall Square area might be the newest spot in town for entertainment and dining.

According to the Boston Globe, with newer tech industries has come more upstarts and innovative entrepreneurs. Of course, the local Massachusetts Institute of Technology brings many graduates and alumni to the area. It makes sense that many of the sites to see are the MIT Media Labs or the MIT Museum. But beyond that are the biggest boom in food options in the area. Clover Food has one of their signature food truck situated on a row of mobile food service on Carlton Street. Not too far away (since you're really never far away in Kendall Square) are more formal fares like Meadhall, famous for its wide variety of beer on tap, and Fuji, an upscale Japanese restaurant.

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