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Newton: Where it's At

Newton: Where it's At

Usually when I hear people discuss where they are likely to move in Boston, the places that come up the most often are within close proximity to the true heart of the city. As it turns out, you shouldn't overlook places just outside of Boston, like Newton for example. Newton is ranked the fourth best place to live in the states according to Money Magazine.

Well now why  on Earth would Money Magazine be interested in Newton Massachusetts?

Well the magazine did some research and found that  if you've got the a$$ets and rolling solo, Newton is actually the number one ranked place for you. The median family income of Newton dwellers is a somewhat surprising $145,639 with 31.2% of their residents being single. Fear not if you're not single though because Newton is a great place for families too. There's really something for everyone.

If you like feeling safe and secure (honestly who doesn't), Newton is ranked the fifth safest city in the states according to CQ Press. Newton's been ranked safest 2004-5 and 2011-12. That's a statistic that's often hard to come by.

Bird's eye view of the new Newton North High School.

A rather noteworthy new staple to Newton's claim to fame is that the designers who reconstructed Newton North High School won the 2011 Award for Design Excellence form the Boston Society of Architects.  Ranked most expensive public high school ever built in Massachusetts, Newton North was priced at $197.5 million. Every facility in the   monumental structure is phenomenal, causing some long overdue excitement amongst the students. The school used to be much more spread out, disjunct, rundown and defunct before the reconstruction. Now everything is centrally located and far more easily accessible. The school is especially noted for it's gorgeous sports facilities including 10 tennis courts, an olympic sized swimming pool, well maintained athletic fields, both indoor and out door tracks, and beautiful gymnasiums.

But don't just think the school is all about it's athletics. The Academics are  most certainly held in the highest esteem as well. Says the head of Newton North's science department, "all the labs are so well outfitted, and we have wonderful new resources for our robotics and engineering programs. We'll be able to make science come alive for the students." That's an exciting statement. It's evident that the school is dedicated to enriching the student's lives to build brighter futures for its youth.  It almost makes me want to go back to high school and do it all again. Almost.

The school also is eco-friendly making efforts to be energy efficient by using rooftop solar panels, rainwater reuse systems, occupancy motion sensors an interior materials with low emission of volatile organic compounds. The new building also makes great use of natural light by having an abundance of windows (850 to be exact) all throughout the school. Now THIS is a public school worthy of your hard earned tax dollars. But if you're not feelin' Newton North or don't happen to live as close by, Newton South High School was ranked even higher on U.S. News and World Report's list of the best high schools in Massachusetts coming it at #11 while Newton North landed at #36.

Here's an attribute you may not have given a second thought to in terms of city ranking: Generosity. Next to Boston, Newton is ranked #2. The antihunger organization Project Bread is thankful for the people of Newton's contributions and participants in the Walk for Hunger.

Here are just a few of the great homes for sale in Newton for you to check out.

 Courtesy of Hammond RE





46 Suffolk Road $4,400,000



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134 Chestnut Hill Road $6,495,000


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30 The Ledges Road  $4,249,000





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