Quincy Center

Quincy Center $1.4 Billion redevelopment

Quincy Center $1.4 Billion redevelopment

new quincy center

Acording to the Boston Globe a New York based development company partnered with the city of Quincy will over the next few years transform downtown Quincy.  The ambitious makeover, by Street-Works Development LLC of New York, would add stores, restaurants, and 1,100 new residences to a 10-block area by rehabbing some existing buildings and constructing up to a dozen new ones. The firm will also add parks, uncover a streem running through the city center and build tree-lined walkways.

“There is a tremendous opportunity here when you think of the city’s historic significance, its waterfront, its medical community, and its proximity to Boston.’’  Said Suffolk Construction chief executive John Fish after it was announced that they were hired to do the construction, adding that the contract is the largest in his firm’s portfolio.  The broad outlines call for 680,000 square feet of offices, 590,000 square feet of stores, 1,100 residences, several parking garages, at least one hotel, and reconstruction of streets and sidewalks downtown.

“Simply put, New Quincy Center will be the largest private investment, the largest job creator, and the largest engine for new economic growth in our city’s history,’’ Said Mayor Koch.  People will start to put Quincy back on the map as a great real estate location outside downtown Boston.

check out this site for all the details on this new project    http://www.newquincycenter.com/todaytomorrow.shtml

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