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Revisiting the 'Joys of Home Ownership'

Revisiting the 'Joys of Home Ownership'

In a recent article from, writer Carla Hill  explored some of the reasons why home ownership is viable and alluring despite what ever the news may say.

Reasons cited include settling down and feeling a part of a neighborhood. In rental situations, she suggests that individuals don't mingle much outside the home and neighbors come and go in apartment complexes. But owning a home in the suburbs with other likewise families have increased reason to stay and you may have the opportunity to feel a part of community. The typical buyer is indeed a new couple looking to settle down and start a family. But this does not mean that there are variations of home shoppers. Indeed, other common buyers include a family with children and teens who are looking to expand their home and retirees looking to downsize theirs. It's a constantly fluctuating investment, depending on your needs.

There's a sentimentality attached to owning your own home, a reason the writer states over and over. It determines whether or not you buy a house, where you choose to live, and the kind of home you want. One can relate to a sense of pride in homeownership, the feeling that these possessions are yours and your domain is safe. It's an emotional site that will see you start your family, raise them, and see them off to lives of their own. Not much else can replace that sense of belonging quite like home.

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