Russia Wharf will Recycle Rain Water

Russia Wharf will Recycle Rain Water

Want to move to greener pastures? How about a greener building? Russia Wharf tower may be the place for you. With a planned completion in 2011, the mix-use office and residential complex on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Congress Street in Downtown Boston will offer luxury accommodation with a minimum carbon footprint. Besides earning the "gold" LEED certification, Russia Wharf will have a high-tech irrigation system constructed on the 31-story tower. Rain water falling on the roof will be used to cool the building, irrigate the plants, and slash the water bill. The rain water re-usage will also help lower the levels of nonpoint source pollution, which occurs in Boston and other cities when runoff water, particularly from high-rises and other properties, picks up impurities in the environment and carries it to our rivers, harbors and other water sources. Russia Wharf will be the first building in Boston to earn the "gold" rating from the U.S. Green Building Council. The "gold" designation is the second-highest rating.

The 750,000 square foot complex adjacent to the Boston Intercontinental Hotel and Residences will consist of 70 residential units, a few restaurants, commercial office space and a waterfront plaza. About 450,000 square feet of office space will be leased by the financial giant Wellington Financial.

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