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Some Good Housekeeping To Keep Critters Outta Your Crib

Some Good Housekeeping To Keep Critters Outta Your Crib

There's only room for one of us......

You just moved (like the rest of Boston) and you've unpacked, relaxed and finally settled in. It's cooler outside now so it might be time to break out a sweater or two, put the tank tops and bikini thongs in the storage. Well, while you're getting ready for the seasonal turnover, you might have some other visitors getting ready to join you. This is because the visitors want to get ready for the cooler weather too, and what better place to set up shop than in a nice safe home?

Though you may be totally visitor friendly and consider yourself one with all of nature, (such guests include spiders, rodents, roaches, stinkbugs, beetles and ants) you should keep in mind that if you have sensitive sinuses, you're not going to be the welcoming host these critters were expecting. These creatures can upset your allergies, contaminate food and spread diseases. If you've ever had a rabbit as a pet, you're already aware that they enjoy a nice repast of electrical wires. Same goes for other rodents. Such noshing can present fire hazards.

Be on the look out for tiny openings throughout your home. You'd be surprised by the size our little friends can fit through. Check for such openings on a seasonal basis. Use sealants like caulk, plaster and cement to block entry ways. Such entry ways also include pipe openings and heating ducts.  It's also a great idea to weather-strip your windows and doors.

You know what bugs like? rotted wood, and moist damp areas. If you spot places like this in your home, it's time to eradicate them completely.

They also really like food. Depending on what kind of bug you got, food will be subjective to the bug's personal taste (natural fabric, plants, wood). Either way the fact remains that you must not leave food laying around your house. Store your food in tightly sealed containers. wipe up counters and floors often. Though it's tempting, try not to eat outside of the kitchen.

Try using natural methods of cleaning before resulting to professional grade pesticides. Sometimes you can do more damage control than you think. Try using things like Boric acid and pouring it on the base boards of your home. you can also dilute it by mixing it with boiled water to create a spray. This can be combined with sugar if you might happen to have an ant issue. Boric acid helps with critters like silverfish, fleas, cockroaches, fleas and other various insects.

If you like aromatherapy, try using essential oils to do away with pests. Texas cedarwood, lavender, peppermint are among the top performing essential oils for insect repellants. Try using them as sprays around the house or in a diffuser. You can also pour them on cotton balls and place them throughout the home in. To keep clothes fresh and bug free, use cedar wood blocks and drawer linings inside chests and dressers.

Don't forget that insects enjoy multiplying rapidly. If you are able to nip the problem in the bud as soon as you find it or take preventative measures as a precaution, you can save money and headache  in the long run.



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