Suburbanites Satisfied with Their Communities

Suburbanites Satisfied with Their Communities

People who live in suburbs are significantly more satisfied with their communities than residents of cities, small towns and rural areas, according to a new Pew Research Center study.

Overall, 42 percent of suburban residents give their communities high marks on these eight characteristics: job opportunities; cost of living; a place to raise children; recreational and outdoor activities; the climate; shopping; culture; and social connections. Nearly one-third (31 percent) of Americans live in a city while 26 percent reside in a suburb, 26 percent in a small town, and 16 percent in a rural area.

However, when asked where they would prefer to live, more people said they preferred to live in a small town (30 percent) rather than the suburbs (25 percent), even though those who live in small towns were less satisfied with their communities than suburbanites. Overall, 52 percent of Americans reported living in their ideal type of community.

In my opinion, major cities like Boston and Cambridge, have high turn over rate and therefore the community dynamics are changing constantly; furthermore, there are many more neighbors in one community in the city...

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