"Surrogates" Boston's New Movie Stars Bruce Willis as an FBI Agent

Bruce Willis in Surrogates

This past weekend, Bruce Willis's new film Surrogates opened across the country, pulling in only $15 million.  I had the pleasure of seeing this movie and I have to say, it was a great ride.  Apart from the obvious plot holes, this movie was fun to watch, especially because they used Boston as the movie set!  Most studio films might use a lot of stock exterior footage to make it seem like a movie was shot in the city but I was pleasantly surprised by all the exterior shots in downtown Boston. Much of the film was shot in the Seaport and Leather Districts, Back Bay, the Financial Districts and Midtown.  It felt like I was taking a ride around Boston without the traffic.  I would recomend seeing this if you are in the mood for a solid Si-fi Action movie, especially if you know and love Boston.  After seeing the movie and traveling around downtown Boston I feel like I am back in the movie again.

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