Survey Highlights U.S. Housing Characteristics

Survey Highlights U.S. Housing Characteristics

The number of housing units in the United States reached 128.2 million in 2007, up from 124.4 million in 2005, according to the 2007 American Housing Survey, published jointly by the U.S. Census Bureau and HUD.

These units include all types of housing, including seasonal vacation homes, mobile homes and rental units. Other highlights of the bi-annual survey:

-- Occupied housing units increased from 108.9 million to 110.7 million.

-- Median monthly housing costs for owners in 2007 was $927.

-- The median home value was $191,471, and the median monthly payment for principal and interest was $852 for owner-occupied housing.

-- Of the 75.6 million homes that were owner-occupied, 24.9 million, or one in three, were owned free and clear without a mortgage.

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