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Tips For Selecting New Office/Commercial Space

Tips For Selecting New Office/Commercial Space

Just starting your own business? Relocating from one office space to another? Choosing an office space can be similar to choosing your next home. It's kind of a big deal and you definitely want to make sure you do it right. Here are some tips to help you think choose the right office space for you and your business.

Wow. This is a Gentleman's Club Office. Because sometimes you need to think outside the box.

Work Within Your Means (present and foreseeable): As most of you know, I ride my bike to work. My bike is pretty dope if I do say so myself, but I definitely didn't go and purchase the Cadillac of all bikes, like say for example Lance Armstrong might. I'm not racing anyone (intentionally) and I don't want it to get stolen as soon as I turned my back (been there, had it happen).  I also didn't go buying a Huffy from Walmart (gag) just because it was available. What I'm expressing here is that you have to know exactly what you're looking for and how it's going to effect your productivity. Think about your clientele and customers who may potentially come to your office. You want your employees to be motivated to do well so that will in turn drive results. Just because you WANT luxury amenities

Really awesome high tech Google office. Only at Google...

Office Space the movie. Guaranteed to make you reevaluate your life.

for your work space doesn't necessarily mean you need them. You don't want to blow your entire budget on things that won't be mutually beneficial for you and your business.

Location and Accessibility: You hear everyone say this all the time "Location, location, location". I guess saying it three times means it's somehow far more important  than simply saying it once. Do you want your office space to be close to where you live  because it's merely an office space that people won't necessarily visit and you just need a separate environment to get work done? Do you need to be in the heart of the city because the traffic is essential to your business? Do you need to be near universities, suburbs, the country, restaurants, shopping, etc? Think about the needs of your clientele. If you need to drive all around finding places to take them because your location is inconvenient for that sort of thing, you'll end up wasting precious time that definitely adds up in the long run. You want to make sure you take accessibility into consideration if you want to drive more targeted business.

Transportation: So once you've found the perfect location for your office space, just how will you get there? Is this new space close to public transportation? Is there on street or garage parking? It's important to think about parking not only for you, but for your visitors. They could potentially be driving around for quite some time waiting and waiting for a parking spot to become available. By that time everyone involved is certain to be cranky and frustrated.

Phones: This may seem like an odd thing to think about, but this day in age with communication needing to happen immediately, it's really quite important. Are you going to be setting up a landline? If you don't use a landline and rely on cell phone usage, you want to make sure the reception in the area is really great. Otherwise you run the risk of getting a lot of unwanted dropped calls during some very important conversations. If the reception is not great, you will want to find out which cell phone carrier your employees primarily have so that you can look into some business solutions with that particular company.

Technology: In case anyone's forgotten It's 2012. We aren't using flying cars and teleporting (which is a total drag) but we do incorporate a LOT of technology into our lives. This can be demonstrated by the incessant urge you might have to look at your smart-phone or trying to swipe  a magazine  like an iPad in order to turn the page. Developers are starting to nix the old standard office environment and trade it in for something with a bit more modern flair. Some new workspaces are now being designed with technology in mind. These spaces can include laptop docking stations, multi-media conference rooms and are already equipped with wi-fi. If your business thrives off technology and you don't have the time to think about adding these amenities after the fact, these are some things you may want to take into consideration.



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