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Top 5 Tax Credit Tips for New Homeowners

Top 5 Tax Credit Tips for New Homeowners

'Tis the season to file your taxes! It's the gift that can keep on giving once we know how to do them. So here's five quick and easy steps to a bountiful tax return:

1) Get professional help. You can miss so many extra deductions just because you didn't know they existed.

2) Keep your receipts. This is especially useful if you use your home for an office.

3) Keep a lookout for your mortgage interest deductions.

4)The same goes for your state property tax. Who knew you home purchase can be its own tax lottery?

5) Whatever costs you paid for a closing is now a tax deduction. Claim it!

Although 2011 is over, there's still a whole year ahead for anyone who is interested in the 2012 tax incentives for home ownership. Contact us at Bushari Group Real Estate for more info on loft and home purchasing.

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