Volvo Ocean Race leaves Boston Fan Pier

Volvo Ocean Race leaves Boston Fan Pier


It is hard to believe that the Volvo ocean race at the Fan Pier ended a week ago.  The boats have left and are on the 7th leg of the world tour heading to Ireland.  Even now as the Puma Bar is being disassembled and stacked in a parking lot a quarter mile away.  They first arrived on April 25th and A lot has happened in the last month, from Salma Hayek christening Puma's new racing boat "Il Mostro", the mini sale boat race, and the many race sponsor's displays. Allot of people are sad to see them go, however on the upside of everything i think that more and more people will take notice of the great value the waterfront has to offer.

The Fan Pier Volvo Ocean Race was a smash hit and i think it will be the first success with many more to come in the near future.  With new projects like the FP3 and the Fan Pier getting more press and the waterfront becoming more popular i cant wait until all the projects on the shelves start to come alive in the next 5 to 10 years.  The city is proactive and knows that parks, green space combined with waterfront realestate will start to really attract more people to the Seaport District.  There are some great Yacht clubs on the waterfront that allow you to take out sail boats for day trips, good restruants, and great bars really make the Seaport lots of fun..  If you were as excited and entertained by the Volvo race as i was let me know.

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